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    Hi there, my ex doesn’t pay the right amount for our little one but soon will be having her every other weekend. He now has a new job which is more money than his last post meaning he’s underpaying by around 200 per month. Whenever I’ve mentioned the CSA as I am struggling to pay for nursery fees and everything else that our little girl needs (which obviously is a lot more than the 150 he gives me a month!) he threatens me with taking our little girl 50-50! I wouldn’t mind 50-50 if the reasoning behind it was wanting to spend more time with her…. But the thought of him doing it so that he doesn’t have to pay the correct amount of maintenance doesn’t sit right with me. I also know if he was to take her 50-50 he wouldn’t be able to look after her due to his shifts and so his mum would have her. Has anyone experienced this kind of thing and how would I go about it?

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    I haven’t had direct experience of this, but know folk who have… might be worth talking to the gingerbread helpine for the best advice 🙂

    has this gone through CMS? – this could be only way you can really make him fulfil his responsibilities.

    taking you to court for 50:50 is the most expensive way i’ve ever heard of trying to get out of paying child support, it will cost him loads in court costs & legal fees… with 50:50 he’d still have to pay some CM & he’ll have the extra costs of having her for more time in food, energy bills, all the little things he clearly has no clue about 🙂 so if he wants to be so petty, let him! it will cost him more, he’ll soon realise 🙂 if he can’t prove how he will care for a child in the given time, he has a history of underpaying & if you have this or can get it in writing anywhere that he is threating this action to avoid financial responsibilities, & its not incentivised by actually wanting to be a more involved parent… it would likely go in your favour anyway. he’d waste his money for the sake of it, maybe get a tad more time if he spends hundreds fighting for it, and likely end up with more costs down the line. he sounds like he is headed for an expensive lesson, i wouldn’t worry.

    sorry you have to put up with his nonsense, might be worth informing him CMS can dock this from his wage automatically & he doesn’t actually have a legal right to see the kids, without you agreeing; unless he takes you to court, potentially costing hundreds or thousands. You’ve been saving him money from the start; the least he could do is respect you for the kindness given… and respect his child with financial responsibility 🙂

    all the best xx

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    Do you know what kind of work he is doing, is he permanent or self employed? Because with self employed its a different approach with CMS.

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