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    Can anyone help if they have had the same experience of CSA debt being threatened with write off?

    In short my ex has been proved to have been diverting income, not providing full disclosure, has been subject to a financial investigation, bailiff action (he paid a minimal amount then stopped), has a liability order for £12k unpaid CSA debt that he paid 2 months at £80 and has now stopped.

    He has a £3.5k CMS debt that he is appealing and an ongoing assessment of ~£190 per month. He is paying nothing.

    He smokes ~40 cigarettes a day, takes expensive holidays (£400 per night), spends £1k per month on food and wears designer clothes.

    So he could have afforded to pay and can still afford to pay.

    But the government decided in December to write off any CSA debts that cannot be collected…..

    He’s decided not to pay the £12k debt, we desperately need. So it’s decided to just write it off?! Wish I could do that with my credit card bill of the same amount I carry because he hasn’t paid… we need that money to help us survive …. our daughter is 12 years old …

    Happy for my story to be used. More details available if needed 🙂

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