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    I don’t know where to start really. The CSA see  things as black & White.
    There is no where to go if you don’t agree with how much they are making you pay & in some cases you shouldn’t have to!

    I left my ex because he physically assaulted me and would at times do it in front of the children @ times. I took both my boys with me.

    So 6 years on and within that time my youngest would get aggressive with me until I had enough and I said you can go and live with your dad. His dad whom is financially well off compared to my income is being evil and has gone to the CSA and now they are making me pay him and I can hardly afford to live.
    I have been to CAB & they say I have no choice.
    This is just a government money making scheme with no choice but to pay. No wonder mums & dads are driven to suicide.

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    Hi Rainbows. Do you still have a child living with you then?

    Are you claiming maintenance?  You are right, with csa things are black and white.  The stress of it all can be quite over whelming at times.    It was a long time ago now, but I thought there were things that could reduce the amount depending on the circumstances.

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    Hey there

    Thank you for the reply!

    I have probably confused things lol

    No I did have one with me until a few months ago.  However due to his aggressive behaviour just like my ex (his dad) he is now living with his dad.
    My ex is financially sound but out of spite he is has gone to the CSA and is now claiming maintenance from me!!

    They said tough you have to pay it!! What pee’s me off is they do not take into account your financial situation. You could be sleeping in a car and they would not care. My ex and his partner are laughing getting this money from me that I can not afford to give them!


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