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    Hi all, I suffer from PTSD and attachment disorder following years of trauma. I struggle to make friends even though I would desperately love to have adult conversation. Past few months I have felt pretty low as I am so lonely. I realise this sounds full of self pity and pretty selfish considering I’m with my children but I honestly can’t help how I feel. Any advise would be much appreciated please.

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    Hi Natalie

    Welcome to the Gingerbread forum and thanks for sharing your story. We hope you get support from other single parents here who can relate to your feelings.

    If you don’t get a response here you may want to try posting on other active threads and discussions.

    Take care


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    Hello. I feel the same way . Mum to one smart little boy but it’s seems hard to do anything and deal with everything . If you would like to talk privately please email me. I’m new here so not sure how this forum works but yeah would like to definitely keep in touch 🙂

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    Hi Layla, thanks for responding…I just replied to your PM. I am also very new to the message board/forum.

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    Hi Natalie,

    I’m just over the boarder in Kent, about 4,5 miles from Croydon.

    I know what it’s like to feel lonely. Please feel free to pm me.

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    Hi Anon

    Thanks for responding and Happy New year in advance 😊

    How many children do you have? How do you cope with the lonlieness?

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    Hi Guys,

    I am in similar situation and if anyone would like to talk privately please email me.

    Would be good to talk with other adults.

    I have one son.

    Happy New Year.

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    What do you feel is the reason you struggle to make friends? Sounds similar to how I feel and although I love my son I cant help but feel low around him and try and put on a smile.

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    Hi Vick

    How are you? Sorry to hear you feel the same as I do, it’s a horrible way to feel; very dark and isolating.

    I am this way due to own mistrust of people, I over think and see motive and agenda where there often is none. As a result I distance myself and although it is something I have done I do not know any other way to be. When I try to reach out I come across as awkward and socially inept so …. here I am aged 39 and alone and struggling to fit in and find friends.

    How about you? Why do you find yourself in this position? How long have you felt this way? What do you to to alleviate the lonlieness?

    Sorry for the bombardment of questions 🤦🏽‍♀️

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    i am newly single and would love to meet up with other people struggling?

    I have posted in other forums in the hope that someone else wants to do this?

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