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    Hi everyone,

    So just to give you the background information about me, im half white half Indian, but im predominantly white in my every day to day manorisms. Mt ex wife if fine and I think majority of her family are OK with it, but her twin sisters husband is a full blown rasists. He is ex army and one night called me a p*ki while drunk. Since we divorced and i pick my daughter up he makes every opertuninty to try and provoke a reaction out of me either by smirking or saying sly comments.

    I dont care for him and the only reason I hold my tongue is for my daughter as I know if I react they will use it against me.

    Anyone else had this?

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    Hello Jay,

    this is harassment and it is a criminal offence as well and your brother in law will know that. So take a friend or family member as witness with you, when you pick up your daughter and always put your phone in your hand ready to film and record what happens. This is also a case for your ex to intervene because your daughters safety should be her top priority. Sorry mate but this is far beyond a prank or so. This is a serious offence and needs to be dealt with.

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    Hi Sirtobi,

    Thank you for the the reply.

    To be honest, I think my ex wife would agree with me, but she’s staying quite for her sisters sake.

    The most recent incident was on Saturday. My ex wife is stopping with her sister and husband and the only way I see my daughter is if I drive to them 35 miles away. They live in the countryside with a small lane leading to their house. The only way to turn around is on their drive, but the gate was half shut.

    My daughter was asleep and it as late after 8pm. I could not turn the car, I could not leave my daughter alone in the car and they have expressed that they don’t want me on their property. The only other option was to pap the horn. Once I did that he came over to the car while my daughter was asleep and aggressively told me to open the gate. There were no prior agreements or instructions so im not going to assume I can touch their property. I had no time to get my phone to record it.

    Seriously all I want to do is pick up and drop off my daughter at the agreed times without the extra hassle.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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