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    Yes speak to the governors – and if you can try to find out what other local schools are doing so yr school cld use other schools as a blue print.  I know its hard for teachers as they have children themselves – infact I saw my daughter’s teacher get interrupted by her child today while on zoom and it did bring it home how hard this is for all.  I think we cld be doing this until  Easter so any online face-to-face learning on zoom wld be a benefit.

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    @ sirtobi and @Sonzie2

    Yes exactly my thinking.

    With ours they deliver everything by setting tasks on a system called Seesaw, there is communication like messaging from the teacher, and set tasks they have to complete by end of the day, and then they get marked, as opposed to the zoom thing that you describe.

    I think the onus is then on the parent to do the teaching as opposed to the  teacher to deliver and as you quite rightly say it’s trying to do a job of teacher to best of your ability.  Teachers are teachers for a reason (at least in my experience as I’ve had some really good ones).  They have the skills and technique of how to teach but when you have to take on that role yourself you can’t help feel you are falling short, especially when trying to do this in between working as well.  Since I got ill last February I have fallen short quite a bit in that respect and there were months where I didn’t see my son… I’m trying to make up for it now I’m on the mend but it’s a struggle as I’m still not right, but I do acknowledge his mum’s frustration that she has to try to do a lot of the teaching, though she is furlowed… and many parents (myself included) are trying to do home schooling and working and finding enough time in the day to do both.

    The teachers as you say are under a lot of pressure but I think rather than put more effort in it’s case of finding better ways of doing things… but I think better use of digital learning is key, as well as ensuring if this is the delivery method during these times that the kids have access to the reasources to do this properly.


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    Hi I did same as first poster as in I focused on getting through the day feeding them not loosing my wits and getting my work done. Now kids way behind  age reception and yr 2. So this time I’m being assertive with work holding hands up not producing as much work. And focus is on completing education and filling in learning gaps.  School sends stuff the child can’t do without a lot of input from an adult. So I’m using NATIONAL OAK ACADEMY website absolutely fantastic resource from funded by the Department for Education and we are working through that instead. I even went back and am covering last year’s maths etc instead of this year to fill in the gaps.  It’s all direct video lessons that explain evetytjing to the child they can pretty much follow it on their own with a pen and piece of paper  it’s far better than what my school sends. And accessible as it’s format is child friendly. I’m so relieved that after one week of it she is making more progress than she did in the past year. I really recommend it.

    As for the situation just being impossible for us all it is and surely everyone must recognise that ? I’m hoping my boss does!!!! And the teachers who cant expect me to get through all the tasks they send each day.

    Several times a day I pause and think of all the single parents in my situation and it gives me strength. My situation is single parent 2 kids under 7yrs old. Working from home. No contact with ex. No relatives or support in city where I live. I’m 350 miles away from where I’m from following a relocation then a sudden break up. No transport. No social contact. No one to meet. My kids prevent me from meeting an adult anyway as i cant leave kids home alone. No chamce to have a phone call kuds dont give me a breather. It’s been a crazy 12 months.

    Some times I think no one recognises the single parents with no support network everyone I speak to assumes some imaginary grandma will help me or some arrangement exists with an ex. My work even said ask another adult in the house to watch the kids. what????? What other adult????? People literally have no clue. You have to explain and stand up for yourself which is hard.  Then I remember it’s not just me there are others also entirely solo in this and WE RECOGNISE EACH OTHER.

    Best wishes to all of you and huge well done x

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    So grateful for this post! I thought 3 teenagers homeschooling and working from home as a single parent would be easier! But it is not! Getting them out of bed to log on by 9am is near impossible. My oldest does his schoolwork and classes from his bed, my twins I have in the living area with me as I don’t think they can manage on their own as well. Then they all stay up late and I have to stay up to make sure they all get to bed eventually so I am shattered! No social bubble, they started a new school in November and I only moved to the area in September so it’s all been a massive learning curve. Some days it works, other days you could cut the tension with a knife!

    Ex husband and family in another country so no help or support there and my friends have their own battles. I am finding it tough explaining why they can’t go out, why lockdown in still in place etc as they just don’t seem to care or want to know. It’s been a long covid year for everyone but our children don’t always understand and it is hard on them.  And as mentioned in this thread people literally have no clue and forget that there is no other adult around to relieve the burden, to share a moan or look with, to get a hug from when you need it.

    Hang in there! We are doing our best and that is all that can ever be asked of us.


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    usa mom

    Hi Everyone!

    Mom from USA here.  I was having a horrible night and after reading all y’alls stories, I feel like I have a tribe now.  Misery does love company.

    sirtobi – Yep – How are we still upright? Shower…oh yeah, need to schedule that in.

    My child is 11 yrs old, online learning, I’ve lost my job, lost my apartment and we’re jumping from Airbnb to Airbnb but now living at a friend’s house while they are away.  I’ve been trying to learn new skills so that after this gets better, maybe I can get a new job.  I was in the airlines but am not going back.  Too much fiddling around with child care and it’s super expensive.  My ex doesn’t help, he’s in Scotland.

    I have these late night because it’s the only time I can relax and get anything done without being interrupted.  Or without looking over and seeing her playing video games instead of doing homework.  She is smart but was failing every single subject.  She had a lot of work to do over her holiday break.  It’s tough with no one but me to play with.

    Anyone else getting more cranky?  We are getting on each other’s nerves. Or maybe it’s just me and my lack of  sleep.

    Hang in there all.  It was tough to begin with.  Covid has really made many of our lives almost unbearable.


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    I think all the parents on here that have their kids living with them, be very grateful for that. Imagine how it would feel if they don’t live with you and you only see them 2-4 days a month like some dads do.

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    U think?! There ain’t no free lunches.

    I happen to think there’s something called a happy medium.

    Maybe I’m the only one who thinks so but its flipping difficult to be nice to my kids 24/7 when I barely get out,have zero adult interaction besides for an occasional phonecall,have to manage paperwork and bills,keep clean ironed clothing coming,house cleaned,fresh food,maintain an aging property,be pleasant to critical family,keep contact with a behavioraly challenged ex,do a man’s job,while looking like a woman.Easy to preach.Coz u know what happens when we’re exhausted? We get grumpy.And we end up falling out with those kids who we are so ”lucky to have living with us’.And none us feel lucky anymore.Theoretically we Should all be grateful,but it’s sometimes easier said than done.


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    Oh hey, haha all while we ‘homeschool’.Joke.

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