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    Hi I could do with some advice please

    My 4 month old baby boys mother who is 18 and classed as a vunerable adult who has deppresion and tried to commit suicide under 2 weeks ago has met a guy on facebook in the last few weeks

    At present she is in lockdown with her family but last week she took our son without telling anyone and they were picked up by this  guy and taken back to his house. she spent 6 hours there and she only had  his car seat and changing/feeding bag with her

    I am very concerned for the future welfare of my son with a guy who is willing to break the covid lockdown laws (what else does he get up to) as his mother lied by saying it was a friends father picking her up and they went back to her friends house where they sat outside for 6 hours when asked  about corona virus  she said it was ok because the person that picked her up had a covid test and got the result as negitive the day before.  I could see by her snapmap that in fact she was 5 miles away and inside a flat as there is nowhere to sit outside. The location matched to the guys house as he had a pic of his car on facebook and it was the same car as outside. any advice please help


    can i envoke some form of restraining order on this guy as he has preyed on a vunerable person and manipulated her to go to his house he is old enough to know better about lockdown laws


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    Hi Richplug624

    I’m one of the moderators here and I can see that you are concerned about this situation.  I can suggest that you try and make contact with the Child Law Service for further advice. Below are their details and I hope this will be useful for you.

    Kind regards, Justine

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