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    Does anyone have any advice as to how to get through covid isolation with one of 9 and one or 6?  I am covid positive on day 6 and my children are negative. They are fighting and arguing desperate to go out.  i am fed up with covid and the fighting

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    I have done this twice with my little one. She’s 6 now. 5 during isolations.

    During the last isolation the rules where she didn’t have to isolate if she was tested and showed no symptoms so I got a family friend to take her for a walk. All outdoors, but she was negative anyway so by the rules they could have done anything. Have you got anyone to call on? Even just to the local swings.

    Kept her sane with arts and crafts, story making up sessions, let her make puppet shows out of things she had made with arts and crafts. Dead simple, pictures stuck onto sticks. Gave hours of fun if you have anything in.  Entertainment lasted for hours. Music, dancing, toys galore. Worry about the mess another time-I did.

    The frowned upon tablet time but it became our peace time.

    All depends on how well you are too. I’m down with a virus that’s not covid at the moment and feeling rougher than I did with it (tested lots) and being under the weather makes the little ones extra tiring and hard work.

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    Ok, here we go. Two kids constantly fighting during self-isolation. I had two floors, downstairs for the older one, upstairs for the little one. Each floor with toys or things dedicated to the child in question. I obviously spend more time with little one but tried to be present for both but mostly separated from each other. After dark, we went out for 90 Minutes every day, even though it was basically illegal. But killing my children would have been the greater crime,  sir. We had a park nearby with a playground, where we were on our own. Also, they were strictly instructed, if anyone else should turn up, we would not get in touch at any cost, even leaving if necessary. This way we survived 24 days of self-isolation ( two successive covid infections in the family, school )


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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