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    Liane 245

    Hey guys n gals.

    Just thought I’d pop in to see how you all are.

    Clearly this pandemic is taking its toll.

    I’ve bee quite lucky and worked through most of it. I even managed to get a second part time job from

    Zoom has been a great help but its sooooooo boring now.

    I googled 100 years ago and discovered that april 2021 was the regin and rise of facism and Mussolini. If this covid lockdown and pandemic restrictions is in someway to commemorate war then I’m done.

    I can’t wait for a good ol’ knees up, gossip, chat, hug and a long cold beer.

    Do admin know what groups will be restarting after the pandemic or could we organise a Gingerbread picnic with rounders and games??

    It would be so lovely to just laugh, socialise and interact again. I mean even the churches in my area have social distancing, face mask and no singing rules.

    It really is ridiculous.

    If anyone in the Essex area wants to set a date for a Gingerbread picinc let me know.

    22nd February is the ‘date’ this will be ‘over’ so a summer picinic, BBQ, park and play date????

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    Ha.The ‘date’ this ‘will be’ ‘over’.

    Funny funny funny.

    Nice to see such a positive,chipper kindof post though😊

    (Anyone else like me been eating their solid way through lockdown and the thought of rounders makes their stomach churn?!)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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