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    Hi folks

    Im currently going through a divorce oshare custody of my son 50-50. Am i being selfish insisting that my child still moves from his dads house to mine as per our custody arrangement,


    I know hes safe and completely isolated with his dad but i miss him so so much but right now my heart & mind are at war, my heads telling me to leave him with his dad hes safe happy and not at risk. My heart needs him with me…

    How are others coping with split family COVID-19 shared custody arrangements?

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    Mine are continuing to go between the 2 homes.  I am a teacher working from home – i did 1 day in school 2 weeks ago and was allowed to work from home after that.  The kids went to school that day and that was what scared me.  Dad had them the other 2 days as I worked from home.  They are safer with him than if I had have sent them to school should I have been called into work.  Dad works as a 1:1 career for disabled adults so is in and out of a few homes but under strict hygiene protocols.  He lives on his own and so do I, other than our children.  He has another child who hasn’t been allowed contact and it has really upset him and it also means my kids don’t see their sibling.  I think if one of us was working in a supermarket or hospital then I would be more inclined for the kids to stay with the non working in risky place parent but we are both being sensible and keeping to the rules.  My only other contact is when I do the food shop as I have not been able to get an online slot.  I have to shop for my elderly father too so try and do that when the kids are with their dad so I can do it all alone as requested by the government. If he didn’t have them then I would need to do those shopping trips and deliveries with kids in tow and although they are good kids the urge to stray and look on shelves and touch things is strong.


    So my answer to your question would be that it depends on what you and your ex are doing during your isolation and if it puts anyone at risk to mix the households.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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