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    Please help. I get along with my ex husband split 4 years very amicable. He lives with his parents and has the children every Saturday evening and Sunday. As his parents are vulnerable they cannot go to his house.

    This weekend he has spent the Sat and Sunday day at my house with the children whilst I go for exercise or in Garden.

    Is this allowed I know kids can go between parents but is he actually allowed at my house or should he be coming and taking them out for their daily exercise. I don’t want to stop him seeing them but I do not want to break the Govt. Rules either.  Please help x

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    I do the same thing and would have know one to look after my children when I work other wise.  As only school is open for my daughter the nursery decided to close and I am a health care assistant.  Also you would go absolutely insane other wise.

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    Thank you it’s confusing I’m struggling through work with help as well just don’t want to be doing something I shouldn’t be. But don’t want to deny then seeing their Dad x

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    Kate, you’re not doing anything wrong.
    As long as we’re being sensible, practical, and reducing risk, we are doing what our Government suggests.
    But since your Ex lives with his vulnerable parents, he should not be seeing anyone.
    *They* are the ones at risk – not you nor your children, nor him, statistically.
    I’d err on the side of caution, but as always, your situation is unique, and the decision is up to you.

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    Thank you

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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