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    I am filing for a court order to see my children, it’s been a month now since I’ve had any contact with them, not even a phone call – absolutely nothing.

    My ex-partner was a full-blown <span style=”color: #202124; font-family: arial, sans-serif;”>narcissist. She said to me randomly that she just wanted to be friends and I kicked up a fuss as it took me by surprise and was extremely upset as I’ve been working hard to keep everything afloat.</span>

    I was begging for her back etc and then she randomly called the Police for harassment, at this point she’s living at her parent’s home with the two kids. I am self-employed and she expected me to just move out of the house that day which really wasn’t possible. If I moved out my business would fail and I’d soon be on the streets.

    I knew the kids had somewhere to stay, I knew they were safe but once things cooled off between her (well my side), I did say she could come back I just need time to find somewhere else which could take a few months.

    Can she make this look bad on me? I really don’t want her to be throwing the “You kicked us out and your children with nowhere to stay” as this really is not the case, I knew she had two places available with her family.

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    does she have any interest in the property your living. is it mortgaged or rented accommodation? As she is staying at her parents, she has a place to stay. I think it would be a bad idea for you to leave your home. If court rules that children to live with mother (which is almost certain) then they will give priority to housing needs of children, so if you leave your house, you will have to find somewhere else to live and may struggle. if your applying for a childs arrangement order, they will only look at child contact and decide who children live with and how much contact the non-resident parent will get.

    Have you spoken to a family mediator yet?

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    Hi Steve,

    This is a rented property, I almost put her on the tenancy agreement but I feel like at the time that’s what she wanted to take the house away from me. She said, “I will only come home if I am the tenancy agreement”.

    I have applied for court today, I have done my mediation but she has refused hers. The past 3 weeks I have tried non-stop to message her brother (daily) for some form of contact with my children and it’s always refused, to the point where I do come off as desperate and annoyed on some messages, they are my children too so it’s hard.

    The children will live with the mother, I have no issues with that at all – She just wants something in place to ensure I return them home. The woman quite frankly scares me with her personality and maybe lies she will come up with, she purposely strings these situations out to hurt me and to be fair it hurts the children too (One is 4 years old).

    I just hope that the courts will grant Thursday and Friday’s and then the following weekend overnight stays… She has disputed the Thursday and Friday due to our daughter starting school but I really don’t see it as an issue.

    I have the tough choice to agree with all her terms which will be every other weekend and then 2-3 months down the line go through the court system again to gain those additional days, the thought of seeing my daughter and son 4 times a month really is not nice.

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