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    Hi Everyone

    Im in need of some help and if anyone is experiencing the same thing.

    I had a court order where my ex  has my son every other weekend ,the problem I’m having is that my ex is still going to other peoples home with my son. this has been happening since the first lockdown .I have even given her screen shots when the tier systems change and constantly reminding her to stick to the government rules have loads of proof, she thinks its just a cold virus  plus Over Christmas again she has been going to at least 3 different households and I have now informed her that I wont allow her to see our son until the tier system changes when we can have  multiple households as she putting me and our son at risk. Ive now been informed that due to me breaking the court order she has the right to take me back to court and the judge could waiver her the custody of our son. So do I know let the Ex have her weekends with our son knowing she may put us at risk even thought the government tier 4 rules are in place.

    Your help would be much appreciated

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    it’s great that child lives with you. My kids live with their mum and she has warned me in the past that if houses keep mixing then she will stop me seeing the kids and do video calls instead. I think your doing the right thing. Don’t know where you are but virus is seriously out of control in London.

    my ex stopped me seeing kids for over 3 months at start of lockdown last march. we happened to be going through court hearings at time. even though  GOV guidance states kids can move between homes of separated parents, the judges still sided with ex on safety grounds. so they stated that I get video calls and normal contact resumes when school’s re-open or lockdown is lifted.

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    I would email/text ( evidence) that the next contact is to go ahead as normal.  I would say you are aware shes been breaching the guidelines and this is your last and final warning to her.  If she carries on to breach the guidelines contact will be stopped to protect your son, yourself and the public.

    I would say that she can form a bubble with one other person , but would appreciate that  where she can she just spends time with your son only . You get that its a difficult time but if she continues to do as she pleases it will change to video calls only until restrictions are lifted.

    I feel before you totally stop contact that she should be given her last warning and it made clear what will happen. the email you send her will be your evidence if she carries on breaking the rules should she attempt to take you to family court.

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    Hi Steve

    Thanks for the response,I’m one of the lucky ones to get custody and a huge solicitor fee lol hence why im not prepared to break any rules.

    I’m just worried about my son safety during this epidemic.Ive only just stopped her this weekend.

    I live in Medway area.

    Appoliges for being personal but am I right as to your text that you were mixing with other households and the judge sided with your Ex for kids safety??



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    @casper1066   – no, the minute schools were closed due to the lockdown, ex sent me a message saying visits are stopped because of covid situation.

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    Hiya Warwickshire 1

    I’ve been sending her text since March warning about son safety even send details as to what a bubble is, support bubble, childcare bubble etc .My son actually confessed to me over Christmas  apologising that he’s been to both auntie homes  with nan and grandad ( he is 10) Ive loads of evidence when text her saying oh we were only there 5 mins yet son said 5 hours lol



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