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    I am a single parent to 2, aged 12 & 13.

    There has been a court order in place since 2013, as well as permission to relocate.

    I drove children to Dad once per month for 3yrs, we split Christmas’s.

    I was unable to agree to 2 weekends this year due to other commitments, but he has refused to give alternative dates. Approx 50 nights ‘choice’ were given.

    A lot of emotional and verbally aggressive stuff was thrown at me and the children – including texts to the eldest. He then pulled all contact and has not seen them for 7mths.

    I am transferring job and relocating again. Do I need to take this back to court?

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    Yes, I relocated in 2013. I moved back to the local area in 2017 due to my dad being poorly/passing.

    I have now been given the opportunity with work to relocate BACK to the original area. My children want to move, they are very confused by his actions.

    A bit of back story – there was police involvement due to his temper and threats, and he has shown aggression towards kids/stepchild and new partner – they are scared of him. But I believed they needed a relationship with him, so drive 400miles each month and stayed on a friends sofa so that they still saw him.

    He chose to stop contact, it’s been 7mths. So even if he tries to reinstate contact, I know my children will refuse, they have said they would want to just see him for a couple of hours.

    I’m scared of him and the damage he could do/has done to my children. He tells them mummy is a ****/liar/money grabber. The young step child tells them I’m a *****, he hates me etc – all of this leads to my boy trying to protect me verbally and then being punished.

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    Everything is in writing. I have a 45min recording of him screaming abuse at me. It’s been 10yrs since we separated and I’m tired, so so tired of being ruled by his threats. But now that emotional abuse is being passed onto the children and they have bigger balls than me, they stand up and tell him it’s not right. I’m too scared.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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