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    I’m a single mum to one son who is 12. Been divorced for 8 years. My ex always saw our son a lot. Every Wed and then shared care over the wkend. He lived with his mum for the majority of our separation but then moved prob about 1.5 yrs ago to a rented house with a landlady. Unfortunately, she doesn’t want my son staying over at hers but has allowed him on a Sunday overnight. My ex likes living there and won’t move – even tho this means he can’t see his son very much. He has constantly been letting our son down whereby he just didn’t want to see his dad anymore. He then started seeing him again but only for 2 hours on a Wed and 5 hours on a Sun. So, it seems the ex wants to see him still, but on a very minimal basis and with no real parenting resposibility. During lockdown, i have been left to home school as well as work from home – he has refused to have our son over and help at all. For fathers day my son asked if he could see him for a bit longer (he norm sees him 8:30am til 1pm) – he said he could have him til 3pm. That’s the best he can do. He refuses to respond to any emails i send re him having our son a bit more and so everytime he goes through our 12 yr old – despite me asking him to respond to me. I’ve been to mediation to try and sort this out but he refused to attend. I can now apply for a C100 to take him to Court, but am i wastimg my time? Should i just accept he’s going to be a very part time father and there’s nothing i can do about it, or would a judge see this as not good enough parentimg??

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