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    Hi all,

    Wondering if anyone has experience of organising some sort of counselling or therapy for their child to deal with the aftermath of parents separating?

    My ex and I are on the verge of telling our 7 year old that we’re separating. I am having weekly counselling with Relate (which I find very helpful) and it’s occurred to me that it would be wonderful if our children could have something similar.

    I’ve read all the books and websites and know what I’m supposed to say and do in the aftermath but at the end of the day, I’m not a professional, and if a fully grown adult needs professsional help to come to terms with things, surely my child should be given the same opportunity?

    Is this sensible? Has anyone been through the same thought process? Organised anything?

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    You seem like you have spend time planning on how to tell your daughter which is great rather than just jumping in un- prepared.


    My daughter was almost 8 when I separated from her dad. The best advice I can give is observe for any chances in behaviour, inform the school what is happening so they can keep an eye out to and support her.

    My daughter found the split hard and her school referred her for play therapy which she had on a weekly basis. It was a lovely space for her to express how she was feeling about the change. I joined in a couple of the sessions too.

    Your daughter may surprise you with how she copes.


    Good luck.


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    Hi, I agree with Helen’s advice. Our school has a great counselor and so we made an appointment to see he first. He explained and went through how we both felt about where we were in the split – I guess some middle ground would be helpful. He also asked if our own parents did split what would you have liked them to say to you. It seems such a simple question but I’m sure all of us will know what to say. Keep it simple the questions will come later. x

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