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    Hi all,

    Is anyone else really stressed about the coronavirus?! I know that we hear that it mainly affects the elderly/ill but I’m still worried about contracting it myself with two little ones at home. I’m also worried about my kids getting it.

    I’m just as, if not more stressed, about how we will cope if we have to self-isolate or are quarantined for weeks/months. I have not been stockpiling so I probably have a week or two’s worth of stuff and that’s it. I can’t afford to get much more, I budget for food and supplies on a weekly basis.

    I know I’m not the only one stressing but it is really starting to make me anxious, lose sleep and get really (irrationally?) angry at family and friends who don’t have kids or are in couples who are more blasé about it or bang on about how they’ve stocked up on this, that and the other.

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    All the hype in the press is enough to make anyone anxious.💐

    I think you should focus on good hygiene and keeping your little family happy. Be a bit less sociable face to face, think of it like nesting. And don’t worry about food, the worst that will happen is you might not get a specific thing and have to buy an alternative..

    Unless you are ill, don’t stay indoors, you’ll feel worse. Go to the park, or on the common, it should be sunny this week, make sure you get some fresh air.

    I’m in the same situation, just me and my son. I’m reading a lot to distract myself.

    You’ll all be fine.

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    Just eat healthily. Also if you cant get hand wash, wash with soap.

    To make hand wash Scrape soap shavings into an old bottle add some dettol and top up with water. Give bottle a good shake and you bave made your own hand wash.

    We have also been making turmeric shots with ginger, garlic and lemon. Have a glass of orange juice each day to build up immune system.

    Keep safe and there is nothing to fear

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    It’s time to talk to your neighbours and don’t be afraid to ask for help. If you look up local parish council or church websites they may be able to point you towards volunteers in times of crisis. Facebook groups are popping up with volunteers to get groceries and medications if you can’t go out due to isolating. I can’t sleep because my ex is up north so if he can’t travel I’m faced with telling my kids they might not see him they only see him every 2-3 weeks now so I’m dreading it.

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    Hugs. It is a worry and quite confusing messages from the government are not helping.



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    I’m new here, was up all night. The minute I was watching Boris Johnson’s press conference yesterday I got all upset and felt instantly alone.

    I am so very lucky to have a great family who have always been close, but my nan both my parents  and a few other members of my family have issues with there health so will need to stay safe for the 12 week period so over night I have lost my support team. I have an added issue of a being disabled.

    I feel so lost


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    Same as Teamtiny, I have spent the day looking for forums for support as I am just so worried.

    Worried about our grandparents my kids can’t see, worried about getting the virus while at home, worried about my kids learning etc. I understand it’s important to self-isolate but no one really tells us anything about how our teenagers will prepare for exams amidst all this stress, how it’s going to affect their revision etc. My teen’s alreaady got anxiety and this has just driven it through the roof. The revision tutors he visits are still operating and have said they’ll be taking all the necessary measures  so I’m holding on to that but we are both so worried about it all.

    Then on top of that are worries about job loss, getting sick etc. How are you coping?

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    I would suggest to take a bath with lavender oil and a cup of chamomile tea. It will certainly help to relax you.

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    I used to check the news non stop,but after a few months  I rlized it was getting to me,I’ve stopped and it’s helped.All we can do is handwashing & it makes me feel better to  wash all groceries & packaging so I do that,but other than that most ppl Will be ok.Bear in mind till now normal flu was a whopping killer but no one was talking about That were they? There’s so many if’s and buts and political corruption, it makes me wonder if covid really Is our main worry right now.

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    While there is certainly cause for being careful, it is true that a lot of the media hype has been amplified somewhat in order to deal with those that are flouting lockdown rules etc. The government has looked for ways to try to get people to comply and so they needed to ramp up their message, some of which are scare tactics (with plenty of doom, gloom, and death) and to try to guilt trip people into complying.  So certainly over-watching / lsitenign to the news is not a good thing.

    Bottom line is, yes we are in the middle of a pandemic, yes steps need to be taken to safeguard the NHS from getting swamped.  Those with most cause for concern are those who have need to isolate due to being high-risk (who are taking precations as necesary), and those who are on the frontline at end of tether and worn out because of the stupidity and selfish actions of those who earlier in the pandemic decided to flout lockdown rules.

    Panicing and worrying is not going to help anyone, least of all yourself.  The immune system is a complex thing, but it’s well known that stress and worry reduces it, as does going OCD with hand sanitizer etc (making your hands red raw and full of sores and cuts that make you more succeptible to infection.  Not eating properly through worry will also make you more succeptible, and a huge one that I myself certainly overlooked was being sedentary for too long as this causes problems with circulation.  Lack of exercise especially combined with stress is a surefire way to ill health.

    It’s very likely that everyone who is not shielding (in the context that high risk groups have been asked to), either has had the virus (maybe more than once), or very likely to get it.  It’s unavoidable.  So the best anyone can do is just do their best to stay healthy, look after their physical and mental health, so that when they get it, the effect will not be as severe and the body has a fighting chance.

    Get plenty of sleep, eat as healthy as possible, try to follow guidance about distaning etc, in order to avoid spreading the virus to others, but go easy on the handwashing, because there are of course some instances where this is either mandatory or essential (these two dont go hand in hand).  and make sure that trying to keep clean doesn’t cause other illnesses, same with wearing masks, yes certainly wear them in public places but once you get back to the car or home ensure you get pletny of fresh air, as wearing masks long term is in itself unhealthy especially if you are using the same mask over and over as this means you’re breathing in germs that have built up on the mask.   I’d say invest in disposable masks but due to the shortage the quality of many of these are very suspect due to the shortage, and certainly a strange chemical smell on them when they are manufactured in a country that is reknowned for quality control issues it does make you worry…also frontline workers need those that are designed for clinical use….so why bother spending any money on one that looks the part but could me making you more ill….  I took to either wearing a dust mask (from DIY store) that at least has some level of standard, or a face covering made of cotton which can  be cleaned at at least 60 degrees, and have it on rotation on a regualar basis with another.


    I’d say Covid isn’t our main worry right now but rather our (and by that I mean the governmen and the public)’s reaction to it.

    The NHS is swamped with Covid, but they are also swamped with other illnesses that have resulted from the pandemic, ranging from delays in treatment for ongoing medical conditions, mental health issues, and even simple bacterial infections due to poor sanitation.

    In order to ease the burden on NHS best thing to do is try to avoid being a patient full stop if you are already healthy and by this it means caring for yourself.  Un-necessary journeys means less likleyhood of being involved in a road traffic accident, ensuring good hygeine (as opposed to OCD handwashing and other issue from anxiety based illnesses resulting from fear).  Keeping as active as possible is also very important (my son even reminds me of this as I spend way too much time on computer cause of my job!).

    As George Carlin put it…. everyone is going round afraid of germs, avoiding germs….. well the the body has an immune system for a reason and in order for it to work properly it needs practice!  By being in this over-sanitized culture we have been in since Feb/March we are actually causing problems and other illnesses and allergies are becoming more of an issue.

    If people weren’t being stupid and flouting rules the government wouldn’t need to do a knee jerk reaction and tighten lockdown rules to extent where it’s causing even more damage.  For those who are anxious and scared and worried.  There is nothing that you can personally do to avoid getting  the virus, especially with more infectious strains.  The best you can do is ensure that when you get it you are as fit and healthy as possible…. and to reduce likelyhood of passing it to others by not doing stupid things.  So make sure you eat healthily, get plenty of sleep, keep yourself busy and distracted, and try to be as sociable as possible while maintaining physical distance.

    The vaccine deployment is already underway, we got this far, we just need toget through next few months.




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    what annoys me is seeing police challenging people for being out and about for no good reason, then those people have the cheek to argue and be rude to police. I think the military should be deployed  to patrol streets.

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    careful what you wish for….. I’d sooner wish for people to come to their senses and stop being idiots so that the police don’t have to intervene than to put faith in marshall law… remember absolute power corrupts absolutely… there should only be enough to keep the peace not to turn things into a police state…. cause once it’s in place it’s not something that is removed easily…cast your mind back to history….. take a look at those countries that have endred what you describe and ask yourself is this something you want….. is that the life you want for your child?

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