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    Good Afternoon, I’m after a bit of advice.

     I am a single parent in the Shielded group due to my asthma and COPD. I am working from home and in full isolation. My eight year old son has been staying with me for three weeks due to my ex‘s heavy workload created by the pandemic. My ex and my ex’s new partner work as a manager in a mental health facility and as a radiologist in a hospital respectively.

    My ex now wants our son back this coming weekend.

    My concerns with our son returning back to my ex’s home are:

     * Risk of exposure that their work may give him to the virus. Our son has mild asthma.

     * My ex’s workload will likely increase as staff get ill, including overnight shifts. My ex may also become sick.

    When my ex is ill or has to pull extra shifts in work, the usual mechanism for childcare is that I would step in. Due to me being in isolation, that cannot happen once he leaves me.

    My ex has decided that my son’s half brother and his girlfriend should be that childcare. He is young and lacks experience in caring for a child full time should it be required.

     By the way, we both have equal PR and no court orders to abide to.

     My instinct is that my son should stay with me rather than return to my ex for the duration of the lock down. If  he leaves this house he will certainly remain with my ex (and or his half brother) for the ensuing several months as he cannot return due to my isolation.

     Am I being unreasonable and where would I stand legally?

    Thanks for you time and stay safe x

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