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    Hello all. Has anyone else been wondering about how to manage co-parenting with the possibility of lockdowns and self-isolation? I have a good co-parenting relationship with my ex and our son spends 2 in every 7 days with him. I imagine if one parent gets ill, he’ll go to the other until it’s safe for him to come back? Or… I don’t know – and then presumably they’d have to go into self-isolation too any way. Any one know of any official advice for this?

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    My son lives with me and his dad sees him at my house one day each weekend.

    I’m going to review every Friday evening. If any of us is poorly, he will have to stay away that weekend. Ex has underlying health issues so it’s too risky. I’d rather he survived than we stick obsessively to access arrangements. Our son needs his dad long-term and if that means missing a couple of weeks, then we’ll cope.

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    I have similar worries. I am on good terms with my 13 year old daughter’s dad. He sees her for 2 days a week. With the advice on social distancing I am wondering whether she should still be going. I want her to see her dad but don’t want to put anyone at risk. It’s so hard!

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    On this subject what is the stance on if the child shows symptoms whilst at the other parents house within 24 hours of leaving yours?

    Do i also isolate for 14 days?

    Thankfully we are parenting together and I’m going to take supplies to them.

    I am currently working from home like most people and grateful to be able to do that. I live quite remotely too so have limited contact with others.

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    I agree the best approach is to always look at what’s best for the kids, as adults we surely wish such. Good communication and understanding are the key factors.

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    I’m in the same situation no idea what to do

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    I have decided to self isolate rather than be a risk. I appreciate that I can do this with ease due to home working, living where I do.

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    Hello, new to forum – my wife and I are separating, we have agreed a 50:50 split on everything for our two little ones, including time. I currently live with my mum but she’s high risk for coronavirus. I really don’t know what to do. Any advice?! Anyone going through something similar!?

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