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    I have 2children aged 6 and 2.

    We moved into my parents before the lockdown started so I wouldn’t be alone with them for too long with no support as I suffer with anxiety and depression and my mum felt I would be badly affected if I was cooped up.

    Since staying here I have told the kids dad he can visit whenever he likes and video call etc anytime the kids are awake.

    He has visited once and video called twice.

    Before lockdown He would normally has them every friday night and brings them back on Saturday evenings .

    He lives with his parents and 2 brothers, his father has health issues so is under the shielding advice for 12weeks. They live in a small house and he doesn’t even have a bedroom he uses the living room, they have very little outdoor space.

    One of his brothers works in a care home for the elderly and his other brother is still working, although not a key worker, and is not following social distancing guidelines.

    Today kids dad has called me and said he will be collecting the children next week and will return them when lockdown is over, does anyone know where I stand on this or any advice as I dont want to put my children or my ex family in danger and also all the residents of his brothers care home!

    I want him to see his children but it wouldn’t be right for them to stay with his family right now.

    Please help as this is really affecting my MH and I’m so upset about it all!


    Thank you in advance xx

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    Hi Becsrim22

    Thanks for posting here on the forum.  Negotiating contact through the lockdown can be difficult to organise.  Here is a link to our advice page relating to contact.  I hope this gives you some further information around this.

    Kind regards, Justine

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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