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    hi all, 


    I know this a worrying/stressful time for all. I have been diagnosed with anxiety and this has topped it over the edge with one thing in particular, im a single parent and I have full parental responsibility. my worry is what will happen to my child should i get serious symptoms and end up having to have medical help, I have no other support network around me and her welfare is my main concern… anyone else in the same situation or can offer any advise ?

    thank you

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    From the information I have read if you haven’t got any underlying health conditions it is unlikely you will require hospital admission. If you get symptoms of the virus they can be treated at home with paracetamol.  The symptoms are often mild. Try to avoid sleeping with your child if they are young and use separate towels etc if you become poorly.  Both you and your child should wash hands regularly.

    I suffer with depression and I am a single parent.  I’m trying hard to take it day by day and give myself jobs to do around the house without being over whelmed.  There will be an end to this. Try and get out of the house once a day and stick to a routine.  Avoid laying in and not taking care of yourself.  You have to look after you as well!  I know it’s all easier said than done but try not to over think it and stay off social media!  Sites like these are ideal as they have the facts etc.

    Stay safe, you can do this!  Happy to chat on here if that will help to know you’re not alone..x

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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