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    shurely here are some people to help me out with this. Our edldest one is doing A levels this year. His school has in excess of 1500 pupils and is right in the middle beween two regions with restrictions in place. We ourselves live without any restrictions and school will reopen on Wednesday. My glas ball has told me, as they have year groups and not classes, he will mingle with around 100 of his fellow pupils a day and each teacher with around 120-150. My glas ball has also told me, great misery will befall your home and silence will be your companion as you will not be seeing other people nor will you be allowed to leave your house.

    As I am self employed every time I will be quarantined because they have a corona infection in school, I will receive a generous 13£ per day. Our running cost for house, car, etc without food 1400 to 1500 pcm. Is there a cap on how often this can happen? How will it be enforced?

    I will have to keep both of them at home if one of our sons is quaratined. And myself of course. I am really looking foreward to the next six month.


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    surely I know how to write it but little one has damaged the keyboard and it adds and subtracts random letters and I am not bothered to fix this every time. So just think I am dyslexic.

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    I think that is a concern many people share…   especially with trying to get kids to social distance / wear masks, and also that kids are more often than not asymptomatic or with very subtle symptoms, while still being very effective carriers.  So it’s inevitable that rates of infection will go up again once schools restart.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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