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    stressed mama

    My ex has never, ever had my child overnight

    Cafcass have have decided that now is great time to start that process and generally acted like Dad can do no wrong and I am being unreasonable.

    Despite being in Tier 2 and a lockdown, my support bubble is made of 2 people, both with health conditions, one of who is high risk, so I have been soooooo cautious since March and stopped daytime access the dad had just for during this lockdown.

    They have said this is not justification and now i lose my support bubble and he has to get access and overnights

    I am heartbroken and now really screwed without my bubble

    How can this be inline with gov advice?

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    Omg this sounds dreadful? Why have they all of a sudden said he can have overnight stays??? I have a telephone meeting with CAFCAS regarding a section 7 and now I’m very nervous how can they be so unreasonable???

    I feel so sorry for you can you fight against that decision !?

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    You can still have your support bubble , it dont affect you doing a handover to father of children. nothing changes

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    stressed mama

    No, if I give access as they instructed, my child will be mixing with the dad, the in laws, his sister and new wife. This would defy the point of all my precautions during lockdown and put my bubble at too high risk.

    They already ignored the rule of 6 and hit and miss with mask wearing. Just baffles me.

    Apparently, the 3 video calls a week are not sufficent and must be in person or could be damaging to my child.

    Cafcass need to know children are not text books and should be treated as individual cases.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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