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    Hi, I would love some help from anyone who seems to have more clarity on this situation than i do.

    Single mum to a bouncing two-year-old, honestly he doesn’t stop! his dad lives in Birmingham and we live in Wales and he hasn’t seen him now for over a month as he left just before the UK lockdown. I am mentally and physically drained and I am in need of some relief so his dad was going to drive here.

    we have both been self-isolated for 3 weeks but he is still too scared to drive down incase he gets fined or arrested.

    Anyone have any ideas or actual government website rules that explain he can actually travel here without restrictions?

    I am aware children can travel between houses but that’s not how our co-parenting arrangement works as my son is still so little.

    any help will be appreciated.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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