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    I’ve recently become a single parent to a three month old.

    I live alone with my baby and pets.

    How does everyone cope in terms of keeping on top of everything? My child constantly wants to be held, meaning little gets done around the house. If I do clean I feel guilty that I’m not playing/interacting with them but if I solely focus on them nothing gets done, the pets cages go uncleaned, laundry builds up, no meals are cooked etc. I’m returning to full time education in two weeks so it’s going to get even harder as I’ll need to keep on top of the baby, the animals, the house and exams/essays.

    My mum has her a couple of nights a week but I’m worn out!!

    Any organisation / coping strategies?


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    I think adjusting a parenthood (if this is your first baby) is hard anyway, regardless of whether or not you have a partner. I found it easier just to write a ‘things to do’ list prioritising stuff then when you get a minute just one or 2 off. I think with regards to incorporating study (I study as well as work full time), I find its best if you can stay over in your education setting for an hour and get the reading done you need to otherwise procrastination will become your best friend 😁

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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