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    Hi I really struggling I have a 15 year old girl with adhd and odd, 10 Yr old boy possible autism and 7 Yr old boy possible adhd. The older 2 really hate each other its more than sibling rivalry she screams and swears at him, hurts him, screams at me now she starting on the youngest. She throws things has major tantrums, destroys property. My oldest son is nearly as bad he swears, hurts his younger brother and just very defiant I really cant cope at mo with the older 2 I get no help by anyone  she doesn’t see her dad I am so close to phoning social I don’t know what to do for the best

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    Don’t have much to say but didn’t want to read and run.

    Well done for posting on here. I thought I was tearing my hair today with my 14 and a half year old, which I sometimes do but on the scale of challenges is it probably nothing like what you are dealing with right now. DD is very clever and good at school work, but of course doesn’t know how to clean a kitchen (?) and seems to really not ‘see’ me at all – they are so self-centred sometimes in their phases of development. It drives me potty.

    I have spent all day organising household, finances, trying to make ends meet, making sure the washing is done, coordinating various activities that she wants to take part in and trying to say I was tired when it came to the evening – five times patiently, didn’t make a blind bit of different, and also I decorated a room by myself today as a ‘friend’ let me down. She doesn’t seem to notice if I eat or sleep, or even exist sometimes…I’ve been on the phone to the school today to organise something for her, also organised things with ex and her performing arts thing. She has no imagination to think I actually do stuff in the time between she goes to school and comes home.

    I know what the answers are parenting wise, of course, but in the moment all I want to do is disappear to a spa somewhere and escape…

    So basically I don’t have much to offer apart from hang in there and you are not alone – thinking of you, hope at least that helps.




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    Has your children been diagnosed? We have a children’s centre in our borough who have  case workers that you can speak to. My daughter is on the spectrum and our centre is a godsend . What do you do during school holidays as they have play schemes that they can join

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