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    Hi I’m new to gingerbread. After a long time in an unhappy marriage I finally made the decision to end it. Although I felt I was coping fine and managing the household and finances I really struggled with lonliness. I quickly got involved with someone and had a very turbulent relationship over a period due to my instability and mood swings. I found I was drinking more and then being unable to control my emotions often crying and causing arguments. He left me for someone else and since then he lonliness has been overwhelming. I feel I have no one to turn to as my friends either work or have their own families and after asking multiple times if people want to just come and hang out in the evenings but everyone is always busy. I feel so stuck in a rut, trapped in my own house without the possibility of being able to make new friends or meet anyone. Even at work I am on my own most the time (in fact I am writing this post at work now) with the gloomy prospect of now spending the rest of Saturday on my own with the kids without being able to go anywhere or see anyone. Any advice anyone can give me on how to get myself out of this funk would be so much appreciated

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    I think you’ve recognised you’re lonely so now have the opportunity to try to overcome that.

    As a lone parent I find I Emma going out with my child. And quite often you red up talking to strangers, not suggesting you become best friends lol but after a while you often see the same faces and then it can happen.

    Do you have time when your children are with  their father? Could you perhaps join a club, class or even the gym? If  it what about incorporating the children I to some activities you enjoy. So it maybe solitary with the children,  but you’re doing something that makes you feel good?

    The mush app is raved about. There are friendship groups on here, maybe there’s one in your area? Maybe make a post on here asking if there’s anyone local who’d like to meet?

    I hope something in that does help.

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