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    My ex and I share custody of our daughter but he only has her every other weekend – it’s always been this way and she’s never been away from me longer than 3 nights.

    We have just over house and if just signed her to nursery and my ex just dropped it on me that he has holiday days to use up and wants her for 2 weeks from next weekend – when I replied saying maybe a shorter time would be better for the first long visit – I suggested 7 or 9 days and he’s agreed but to 10days and made it very clear he thinks I’m being unreasonable.

    I still think it’s a long time but am willing to try in the hope he will call me if she is at all unsettled.. but from my side I’m so anxious and heartbroken at being away from her for so long.
    does anyone have any coping techniques?

    any opinion or advice is welcome!

    thanks 🙂


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    My daughter is 2 years old btw! 🙂 forgot to mention.,

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    I don’t think there are any coping techniques, I got a bracelet my daughter made me an I wear it all the time I’m not with her, I try to keep myself busy but it’s hard to not miss my children on a daily basis. I think all you can bare in mind is that they love you an will always love you an will appreciate it so much when they have grown up. Stay strong

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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