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    I’ve not posted for a while, but just wondered how everyone is coping at the moment? I’ve had a really difficult year due to mental health causing me to be off work. Obviously with the covid situation too, it’s been so much harder! I’m sure some of you can appreciate how lonely it can get, and exhasberated my panic I already had.

    Being by myself, home schooling my son (he’s just had to self isolate) and not being able to see people had really taken it’s toll. I feel panicky all day every day. My son is now back at school as I have just gone back to work on a phased return. But when he’s at home he just wants to go on the computer or watch you tube.

    I struggle to do stuff in the house, stuff for me etc due to my constant panic. I’m not sure what response I’m expecting, maybe I just need to vent! How are others managing the situation at the moment?

    It’s also made me realise what a struggle it is to try and meet up with any friends (1 at a time) as most are working, have there own problems and are busy with family life. There don’t seem to be any local meet ups near me but it’d be nice to make some more like minded friends.

    Thanks for listening

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    What makes you think ‘everybody is coping’?

    Be sensible please.

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    Hi Poppy,


    yes lockdown is very tough. There is light at the end of  the tunnel. We can expect some easing of restrictions around March/April time. compared to me, I think you have had it pretty easy. My kids live with their mum. At the start of lockdown last year, I was not allowed to see the kids for almost 4 months, thanks to my ex. just being around my kids has helped me get through these dreadful times.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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