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    So I posted previously about my boys mum being manipulative. She has done it again even worse but I wont go into that. She has now tried to keep him from me.

    So I took him over to my partners which I have done many times before, we have been together 2 years and his mum has met her.

    My son and my partners daughter (both 8) went across to the park themselves. The play park is small and in the middle of the cul de sac where its overlooked by all the houses where the parents of  all the kids of the street live. All the kids know each other, are friends, look out for each other and all go out to play together without adults. Most of the parents know  each other too. It is a lovely wee community and perfectly safe for the kids.

    His mum found this out and thinks it is unsafe and tried to stop me seeing him again. She phoned social services, they did nothing about it.

    In my opinion she babies him and wont give him independence. She talks to him like a baby and is over protective.

    What are your opinions?

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    Is it safe ,,,? No where on this planet is safe ,! I would not leave my child with another in a park .your ex was correct to go ballistic!!

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    It is probably scarey enough sending her child to someone she is not getting along with.If you are not communicating well she is probably stressed and worried when her son is away,I know it would unnerve me! And may be she Does baby him,she’s allowed He has a life ahead of him to toughen up! And I would not allow my 8 year old to go to a park alone either.What generation are you from?!

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    ex partners will often look for any little reason to cause trouble. I had same. There’s a playground directly behind her flat. sealed off from main roads. I left my 2 kids there playing with their older cousins. ex and her family always watch on the kids from balcony above. Ex went nuts, told me I’m not seeing kids, and rang social services. they weren’t bothered. Funny thing is if I did the exact same thing while I was married, there would be no issues whatsoever haha 🙂

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