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    I’ve had court order in place that say, my son is to live with me and has contact with mum, going off a contact plan working up to every other weekend. contact has been inconsistent ending up just during school holidays Christmas she had him 2nights over a friends I had communication with the friend and felt my son was staying in a suitable place. Contact didn’t happen over half term for reasons I don’t know. Mothers day was the next time contact was going to be but didn’t end up happening due to her not turning up leaving my son. Now she wants to have him 4 nights I’m not comfortable with in court order max is 2 nights so that helps with that problem. But 3 different places in the last year one being her flat ( she ended up losing), a friend now different friend. If she going from one place to another I feel overnight contact isn’t suitable. And feel helpless she isn’t consistent so don’t want to tell my son incase she doesn’t show up the impact its having on him emotionally isn’t right he should have to go through it over and over. She also only wants to communicate on Facebook message. In emergencys I don’t feel Facebook is good enough just not sure what do

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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