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    I was wondering how many phone calls a day do you think is acceptable, ‘normal’ even between the child and the non resident parent?

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    It does depend on how you get on with the non resident parent. If you get on well and your child is at that age where they can answer phone themselves etc it wouldnt really matter how often it was.

    If you dont get on with non resident parent it is not unreasonable to have hardly any calls especially if dad is seeing child/children in person on a regular basis. Most non resident parents are lucky to get a call a week. Most phone/video calls usually happen in school holidays.


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    Thank you for the reply.

    It’s not unusual for my ex and our child to speak on the phone two/three/four times a day or even more. I personally think that’s excessive. Our child doesn’t want to speak to me when they stay with their dad. They will usually only text me if they want something.

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    I get 1 call a week. have kids stay over with me regularly so not that bothered about calls.

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