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    My children have gone to their father this weekend but I’m worried about how social distancing works with that. He won’t ever discuss things with me and gets abusive if I try so I have no idea whether he and his new family are practicing social distancing. How do I protect my children? Should I still send them? What if the country goes into lockdown whilst they’re with him? Really worried about this. There doesn’t seem to be any information for single parents in this situation.

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    I am in the same position except they are with me this weekend and I don’t want to send them. He says all the right things but whilst laughing. I also have 2 autoimmune conditions and asthma and have had to close my business ( childminder) so I feel super stressed does snyon know who we can ask?

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    I’m really worried about this too!

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    Hi there, I’m a single mum too and my daughter (5 yrs) is due to go to her father’s this Friday – we have a “verbal agreement” every other weekend, however, I have huge fears over the virus as he works in London (and still is). Last weekend he also blocked me for 2 days (over a child maintenance dispute) and I had to collect her on Sunday which was a 3 hour round trip from me. Every bone in body is saying don’t hand her over (yet) and put this arrangement on hold for a couple of weeks. I know he has his father rights but I just don’t trust him – what happens if he takes her away for 1-2 weeks and blocks me again. I’ve been the main carer since she was born, however, I am now extremely worried. Any advice would be very welcomed.

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    I am unfortunately currently going through the same situation, my 16 month old. Her father lives with his parents who aren’t the cleanest & his mum also has asthma he works in London & still is. He is shouting daily saying He is having her everyday after work as I am now working from home stressed. No clear guidance

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    I need help with this to please I asked boys dad last week what his plans where regarding all of this what’s going on, (I’m panicky and have low immunes) and got told we’d carry on as normal until told otherwise he was supposed to be picking boys up Friday eve till sat as it was mother’s day but then called Friday to say his daughter had a temp and couldn’t have them fair enough so I asked for maintenance payment as I’ve had to spend more on shopping than normal and down to pounds and pennies and he said he’d see what can do, still nothing and no contact !! Don’t even know how the boys sister is or what his family’s thoughts are on this, I feel like everything is ok for me to do until it’s his weekends and then he drops them without a second thought but tells people I stop him from having them 🙁 There’s nothing clear cut for us I’m dealing with all this on my own and whatever I say Im always made to feel like it’s me that’s in the wrong 🙁

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    Hi guys

    So I’m a single mother too, me and my 2 boys 3&7 have already been in isolation for 8 days due to my youngest having a temp.

    At the weekend their dad has demanded he has the kids for a few days. He is narcissist and extremely controlling and it’s such an effort to try to coparent with him but take control guys.

    I’ve told him as long as he has the essentials needed before hand and as long as he keeps them inside his house it’s fine. I’ve had to remind him that he must not visit his mums or sisters like he has been and he must just take them from my house straight to his ( in his car) but then he began showing controlling signs saying he will get them on Sunday for a few days and he said he might not drive them back to me because lockdown means lockdown and he will refuse to drive because he just watched the Boriss speech and he said he don’t think he should drive as he doesn’t want the police to stoop him so I should stay at his with them too.

    I definitely won’t be staying at his. I’m staying in control but I am worried he will use this opportunity to keep my kids just to affect me and then what do I do!!!!

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    LH, I’m keeping my daughter with me for the foreseeable. I have her full time. Her dad has her once every weekend. He wanted to take her for 4 nights starting this weekend due her being unwell last week and me isolating us for two weeks. However, tonight after the PM speech about lockdown I’ve decided it is best to keep her with me. Go on your gut. My daughters dad was understanding surprisingly, but I feel it’s in her best interests for now. X

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    Can anyone give any advice please, I am currently co parenting with my ex and the children live with me but I am a keyworker and the children’s father still works.

    can we still meet with the children or do the children need to stay in one house? As we will be classed as separate households.

    thank you.

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    I had been questioning this but they have finally provided guidance:

    Where parents do not live in the same household, children under 18 can be moved between their parents homes.

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    Nina B

    The government guidelines don’t advise what you should do if the non resident parent has not been social distancing.

    My husband has just started a new relationship and has not been social distancing from her!

    She also has kids who see their (different) dads. We have a 10 month old baby and it will be impossible to keep his distance from him, especially if I’m not there.

    Any advise would really help?


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