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    The problem is having lost everything he isn’t happy at leaving it there he wants to take my children away from me.
    Im scared that the courts won’t see him for the narcissistic sociopath he is

    that’s one of the reasons I didn’t press charges through fear of not being believed

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    Vc2335 that is what it is like with my ex. He is vindictive because i exposed his behaviour and wouldn’t put up with it. I didn’t use the emotional abuse angle when he took me to court, i implied it in my statements, but it was ignored.  I really didnt know if it was emotional.abuse or not or who to ask as for is something that has revealed itself more and more over time. I didn’t think anyone would believe me, because i am very expressive person and he is very calm and i come across as crazy. It also doesnt help that the judges see so many horrific child abuse cases that they really have a very skewed idea of what causes damage so in my experience have little interest in the mental trauma that a parent can suffer due to their Ex.

    I came out of one hearing where my ex lied all the way though it (as he is a calculated liar) and the judge summed up by saying ‘I believe Mr X’ at the end and i just went to my car and cried as that summed up the whole problem.

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    The only way I see your ex going down this path is if he has managed to find another willing partner who would take over all the childcare responsibilities.

    I highly doubt he is the sort of character who would stop his career /social life to care for the children.

    Unfortunately the recognization of coercive control is a new thing which is why people are either  not being believed or scared to report their perpetrators.

    He is using every trick he can think off to make your life uncomfortable. Try not to worry about it. Saying someone will do something is different to actually doing it. Enjoy time with the children and keep contact with their father to the barest minimum 😀


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    Unfortunately he has already remarried a woman he knew for a few short months who also came from a physically abusive relationship- can anyone else see a pattern !! Interestingly he chose a woman who like myself came from an abusive relationship.

    he sees happy to let her take care of the kids and she is oblivious.

    thanks for your support and comments guys

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    your post entirely resonates with me. I’m so sorry you’ve gone through that, and mine mirrors yours to an extent too. Like you it just feels there’s no end to it

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