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    Me and my wife separated 18 months ago. Since then we have had an agreement that I see the kids every other weekend from Friday night until Monday morning. I am lucky in that I live close to my children, so the kids can come and see me when ever they like and in fact I usually have at least one of them 4-5 nights a week.

    Throughout this 18-month period, if myself and my ex don’t agree completely then her opinion of me seems to be reflected in the children and I can have periods of not having any contact with the children as they are saying they don’t want to see me.

    This has happened again recently, and I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of the next steps I should take to finally get this sorted out.

    I am on a low income and struggle financially from month to month, so I was wandering if there is any charities or government agencies that can help me firstly gain access to my children. Whether through a contact centre or with regular overnight stays and secondly, put measures in place to prevent the mother’s opinion of me being forced onto the children and clouding there judgement of me.


    Any help and information would be greatly appreciated.

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    Id say your best bet is get a solicitor where you should get legal aid. Try to come to an agreement between that. If you find its not working i say court is your next option. However, you have no solid evidence to state that it is the mother making them turn against you. However, if you raise your concerns the courts will get social services involved and they will more than likely question the children. But do put it across that your concerned as to why they dont want to see you. Do not make yourself look hostile against the mother. Again you will get legal aid for court. However, id say try and sort it out between yourselves.In my opinion court can be stressful and upsetting and will be especially for the mother if you the father are taking her there and especially if you are having contact. If the chilren are old enough to understand what is going on and see their mother upset they may resent you. I hope this helps.

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