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    Harry Potter

    Hi All

    Wife and I split 6 months ago after I had enough of trying to deal with her affairs. We have two children aged under 6

    When I have them for a weekend she texts sometimes every day to check on them. I find this invasive and controlling and my responses tend to be limited to “fine”.

    Am I being unfair? Bear in mind that if she texts at 8am and I don’t reply it’s 6pm before she asks again, so there’s no urgency in her need to know how they are.

    Welcome any views. My inclination is to ignore hoping they stop eventually.

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    It’s a tough one. When I first spilt from my husband I would sometimes text to see how it my  was because I missed him so much and found it hard being away from him. If he ever stayed more than one night I’d arrange to call and speak to him the second night. Now he’s older its fine, unless they’re on holiday I don’t feel the need.

    If you have a good relationship maybe speak with her, she might not realise it bothers you. Let her know that she doesn’t need to check on them all the time and assure her that if there was a problem you would let her know. Or arrange a time for you to call her so she can speak to them on your terms

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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