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    firstly i am single dad daughter was placed with me and there is a court order in place for contact twice a week

    due to covid 19 i set up video chats between child and mother using google duo

    ive had police rang twice once because child didnt want to speak everyday the other because food was getting cold and i asked child to get  food and call back so child hung up theres lots more like mum falling asleep on child all sorts any way

    mum wants contact she is to be supervised by family member now with guidelines saying two households can meet indoors

    this means child picked up by mum and sister go to said family members house in my eyes this is three households indoors not allowed

    mums house

    sister and grans house

    my house with child

    not to mention there will be others in and out of grans house

    bear in mind me and child already have a support bubble where we live

    since the guidelines changed for social distancing through the whole process i have not stopped her coming for child

    she could have went for a walk locally social distance of course with her supervision

    she has made child false promises told child easter was canceled the list is endless

    stopped her cms payments too

    sent solictors letter with lies i responded with facts like google duo keeps a log 184 entries in log some lasting 3 hours accussed of limiting contact exactly where has she been right i will stick with current question of the contact now


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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