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    Karen G

    I became a single mum just before babies’ first birthday. Moved into a property just before lockdown, thankfully.

    I’d like to find out the contact arrangements for a 1 year old that work /ed for other forum members?

    At present it’s 50/50.  4 days / nights with me and then the same with dad. However I feel that this isn’t good for a young baby or any child as they are moving to different houses every few days. This is my opinion and respect others that have chosen to do this.

    I would prefer that dad has every other weekend and perhaps 1 day or night in the week, however I feel there may be resistance from dad. He states he doesn’t have to pay maintenance if having baby 50% of the time.

    He hasn’t paid anything since we moved 3 months ago – again, any help / thoughts on this would be much appreciated. I feel that morally he should contribute to pay for clothes, toys, general costs.  We are both currently unemployed (this isn’t the norm, due to current circumstances).

    I have moved into a rented property and baby has their own room. Dad lives in a 1 bed.

    Any advice / thoughts would be really appreciated

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    I’m a single mum again to two boys my oldest is 3 (his dad’s never wanted to be in his life) and my youngest is 10 weeks, there’s no way I’d let him go to his dad’s 50/50, or even overnight at this point whilst he’s so young and your right they shouldn’t be doing 50/50 even at 1 years old either it’s not in their best interests 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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