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    Hi everyone,

    could anyone advise me about where I stand. My ex is a doctor and he’s shifts are sporadic. He will not tell me if he is on a night shift and wants to see out 6 year old daughter with a fixed schedule. I have refused this based on if I am available overnight she should be with me if he’s not in contact with her. I have so far had months of him dictating to me when she should have contact with him. This included overnights and days. Everytime I question him he tells me legally he is entitled to see her 50/50. He refuses to tell me if he is on a night shift and says it’s none of my concern.

    I have now put my foot down and said he can have contact whenever he wants just not overnight until he is willing to let me know if he is on a night shift or not. I am waiting for his hostile reply.

    My daughter would be staying with his gf of nearly a year whilst he’s on his shift, but he would literally only see her from 3pm – 7pm and not even be able to take her to school. I do not think this is reasonable as my place is on his way to work so he could just drop her back, which is a little inconvenient to him. I have asked my daughter if she would be happy with staying over and this caused her severe anxiety, she has only just got used to us separating in May 2020

    He demands that if I want mediation I will need to look for someone and pay my half, which he knows I can’t really afford it and do not qualify for legal aid.

    please any advice would be great.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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