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    Can the court order the day of contact supervised by social workers?

    I was told by a previous magistrate that they can only order supervised contact with the social worker but they can’t order a day.

    However, I have since been told that they can order a specific day.

    Anyone know??

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    It is literally impossible for me to fulfil it. I offered 5 other days but the magistrate ordered the day I said I can’t do?

    And why does one magistrate say they can’t specify the day but the other says you can? Where’s the consistency?

    Do you have any advice?

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    The day has been ordered each week but it’s a day I am not in the city and my daughter is in childcare. To get from my workplace to the town of her homecare takes an hour on public transport there and back and a 30 minute walk. They expect me to achieve this in two hours (given how unreliable public transport is etc) !!! Because they don’t want her father to drop a day from work to do any other day (I offered 5 alternative days).

    Her dad drives and has none of this worry. He works 6 days a week so couldn’t he drop one work day or change days?!

    This is the only day I work and the childcare is the cheapest I can find hence why it’s out of the way.

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    Why is the fathers work more important than mine? The whole reason I can’t work more is because he left and moved out of the city and I have no family to help and can’t afford full time childcare and rent/utilites/mine and baby’s needs!!!

    No I receive no maintenance from him which is awful. It’s only £30 a week I’ve calculated anyway so even if he gives that that’s a drop in the ocean compared to all my financial outgoings on me and my daughter…

    No I offered all other days in court but the magistrate clearly as you said favours fathers work which I see as sexism and discrimination if I’m honest because I will have to give my job up if they wont amend the order so essentially her malicious father and the court will be pushing myself and my daughter voluntarily into financial hardship and poverty….

    The dad works 6 days a week and lives rent free with his sibling. So I need the money much much much more. He has the opportunity to still work 5 days at that job…. Or change to another job. Or even work part time? What’s the big deal? He has no childcare responsibility and no financial outgoings?!?

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    Also no I can’t swap my days as that’s the only day I have a family member free to mind her. Everyone else in my family works full time. And my family member understandably cannot drop my daughter into a different city.. She is also a carer too so it’s not fair to put this pressure on her.

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