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    Hello, I’ve posted here before after a tough 4 years with my child’s father, very brief we dated for 2 months and I found I was pregnant with my daughter, we have never had a relationship and he had age appropriate contact throughout her 1st year, gradually stepping up. He didn’t see her unsupervised for 11 months as I found out he was using class a drugs and moved a drug dealer into his house. After a clean drug test we had resumed contact and he has her eow but without overnighs (these will start after Christmas) and he made me feel guilty into his mum having her for lunch on a Thursday every week, which is nice for my daughter. I am always accomodating with extra days for weddings christenings parties, I just feel that I’m always giving and being flexible when all I get back is threats of courts, angry messages. Now he keeps adding extra time in the week when he’s off work which I’m happy with, but he sends me messages the other saying my dad is going to pick her up for the day he wants to take her out, I have never met his dad and my daughter hasn’t spent anytime with him apart from with her father, my daughter is 2 and half and is with me every day apart from the 12 over the weekend can he just tell me that his family is picking her up when its my time with my daughter, there’s a lot more to the story but I’ve rambled enough, any help appreciated


    Thank you

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