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    Hi, my sons dad has not had my son at his house since just before lockdown. He said at the beginning that he couldn’t have him as his girlfriend was high risk. About 2-3 weeks later he said she wasn’t high risk anymore. I found out that she was pregnant but lost the baby. Meaning that If she remained pregnant my son would not be going to his dads. (Their choice). I argued with him to see him but he had a million and one excuses. Now he’s abusing me asking when he can have his son, however, he’s been having his friends over at his house and so I don’t want to risk my son going incase he were to catch Covid. The option to FaceTime was always there (he rang him 4 times in 2 weeks) he is now blocked due to the abuse as I couldn’t take it any more and so said to go through his mum. However I said he could come see him and chat through the living room window. He’s been twice in a week, both times leaving his engine running and talking for all of 5 minutes if that. I feel bad my son isn’t going to his dads and normal service will resume when it is safe to do so, however I don’t feel like his dad will be sensible enough and is definitely ignoring government guidelines and so I don’t want him to go just yet. I still feel bad though, am I in the wrong?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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