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    Hi all,

    I am going through a very horrible separation/divorce and I have a 6 month old. I am breast feeding on demand and therefore ny son cannot be away from me and so I have to be present at access. This has been very unpleasant as my husband is very aggressive. He is demanding access each time he is off work which is getting unmanageable. Has anyone any advice for regular contact?

    Huge thanks in advance x

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    If he’s aggressive, you need to log this with the police. If it gets worse and ends up going to court, all reports to the police can be raised as mitigation towards you.

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    Thank you, I am feeling so helpless at the moment. I left our home as was suffering from emotional abuse and wanted to stop my son witnessing the aggressive behaviour. He was also very controlling. I still struggle to say no to him because of the fear of what he will do.

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    Hi. I am also in a similar situation although my child is 10 months. I have a non moleststion order with my ex so he can’t contact me and all contact is now done through solicitors. Although my boy is now taking solids, he still feeds from me every 3-4 hours or sometimes less. Due to work commitments, although he hasn’t said this, he only wants to see his child for 8 hours sat and sun. I haven’t allowed this and have given him 2.5 hours one day a week and four hours one day at the weekend. I have expressed milk for him. He is extremely annoyed at this and thinks that I am being unreasonable. I feel that he is just suiting himself. I sometimes think it would be easier to go to court as then he would be told the tones and that would be it.

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    i guess mainly for the original post I thought I’d reply.

    without noing the background of the aggression I would suggest looking into a form of contact centre. will be hard to suggest to your ex, but probably a good way forward and provides you with a little security.

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