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    <div dir=”auto”>When we were part of the CIN plan with Social services the social worker said i was in my right to say no contact until court said otherwise and stopped all phone calls and face times and texts due to the emotional harm the children’s dad was doing to them via these methods. And I have a duty of care to safeguard my children so made the decision after allowing this contact to stop all contact.</div>
    <div dir=”auto”>On several occasions since this the children’s dad had tried to use a third party to contact the children and has even been telling the children to keep it a secret and not to tell anyone. I have spoken to the police on one occasion and was told to message the person to remind the. There is to be no contact at this stage and that includes via himself however now it has happend again and the other person can be seen to tell our son to not tell anyone! I find this very upsetting and frustrating that the children’s dad is now not only once again trying to make contact he is encouraging the children to keep secrets from me. This caused me great concern should contact resume once again the children’s dad has no concern about how damaging these type of comments are to a 11 year old boy who is currently already having session with yes due to mental health issues. The children’s dad thinks is acceptable to encourage the children to lie and keep secrets and to emotional harm and make comments about me to them. The childrens dad continually does what he wants to do and not what he been advised to do! I worry about this should contact resume given the way he is conducting himself when he has been told no contact. Social services have said they can not offer advise unless there is a safeguarding concern which in which case I around make a refferal.</div>

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    Your not allowing children to see their dad. Of course dad will want to see them and is missing them. Social services are advising on what you have told them.. Does Dad get invited to any core meeting or any other meetings social services have regarding children.  If there is no contact then i assume you will be appearing at family court soon to get it all resolved. Is there a court order already in place or was it something mutually agreed that has suddenly been stopped

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    Some dad’s are Really Stupid,and sadly yes they can make a very lot of trouble for their kids.

    You can’t expect her to let him do whatever he wants if he isn’t reasonable.At the end of the day the main carer ends up picking up the bits- dealing with difficult tantrums,disruptive behaviour in school,aggressive behaviour at home etc All for what?????

    Just bc some man can’t make the effort to stick to the rules and behave himself aporopriatly?

    “Anyone can be a father,

    It takes someone special to be a Daddy”.

    I don’t know all details of above but I have a bit of experience in this dept and there’s usually another side to things.

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