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    Hi just seeking some advice over contact arrangements. I have a court order where my children stay one weekend with thir father and the next with me.

    One of my children speaks very little, and before lock down she would go to her father every other weekend. However when she seen the father she would cry and when returning to me she would be so happy.  For the next few days she would be irritable and exhausted which I think was due to the lack of sleep. However, before lock down I noticed she would revert in to herself by going back to baby talk, never smiling and crying if we travelled in the car thinking she was going to stay with her father.

    Since not staying with her father her confidence has grown, she is smiling non stop, she’s speaking very well and is settled everyday

    Now this bubble approach has been given contact will have to occur this weekend and the same thing will happen and all my work to boost her confidence and make her talk will be wasted.

    Does anyone know if I appealed the court order would I be listened to? Will I get in trouble if I don’t send my child.

    I do want her to know her father, but in regards to the best interests of the child I feel her development is very important and shouldn’t take a back seat. I would be happy to spend the day where she can see me to she feels comfortable and confident to stay overnight. I have asked my ex but he is completely refusing.  He states the child can suck it up.

    If anyone can help I would be very grateful

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    Family Time

    Awe bless her , you really should stick to the court agreement however if you have concerns you could try speaking with children’s services and state your worries , do you have safety concerns ? Dad’s attitude doesn’t help that’s not working in her best interests it all seems to be about ownership , Their does seem to be a degree of emotional abuse here so I definitely would speak up , you have stayed alert identified an issue the next step is speak up , I wish you well  x

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    I brought this up with my previous solicitor who basically didn’t want to know so I sacked her.

    I thought the same but it’s not good for the child. I think I will take it back to court.

    Thank you for your help.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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