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    hi all,


    just wanting a few advice on contact during these time. My daughter is having a big time going to her dad’s. normally we do exchange through the school but now the school is very limited people. She’s finding it hard to leave me to go to him and that’s what the problem. It’s got to a point that I had to give her dad her school bag as if she was to see it before going contact she wouldn’t want to go.


    Everytime me and my daughter is going contact I am having to lie to her and when she gets there you can see her face drop.


    I have messaged him him to see what we can do and he doesn’t respond to it. She’s becoming more distress.


    what do you advice, should I talk to school to see if they are able to still do the handover or how best to approach this matter.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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