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    I’ve been divorced from my ex for 4 years, it was a troublesome marriage & through safety for the children they have no contact. Which means I’m a full 100% time mum. I’ve struggled with bouts of loneliness on & off over the years. I have a good amount of friends but of course they all have their own life’s. At the beginning of the year I got into a relationship with someone & it moved pretty quickly, which looking back was a mistake, 5/6mths down the line & it’s came to an end. I know that these things happen & people sometimes just aren’t compatible but I’ve feel into a deep bit of loneliness and despair & im struggling to get out of it. I feel bad for my children as my energy levels are low & I have little motivation to do anything…..

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    Hi sorry to hear that. Hope you are ok and im here to chat anytime u need a chinwag

    Have you been the doctors or spoke to friends about how you are feeling? I havent actually been in long term relationship they all been short term things but always caused me problems so i kinda like the single life, eventhough yes it is lonely but I met someone over a yr ago and its never been serious but just works. My son is 21 months old and he is having tantrums at certain times, mainly nappy change or stairs he wants carrying and i say no and he nearly falls off them as he kicks off. Its trying but i try and just reinforce that hes good at the stairs and wont be getting carried now

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    Hi Fiveofus,

    so sorry to hear you are feeling lonely and unmotivated. Are you able to get in touch with your GP to be referred for counselling? It really really does help, it’s helped me so much.

    Sending lots of love, and you’re not alone!

    lisa x

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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