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    Hi everyone, I currently work full time as a family support worker but I’ve applied to do an open university degree part around this.  Awaiting finding out if I’ll get student finance to cover my tuition fees.

    However I’m debating whether I should look at completing the degree full time and quitting my job, but this scares me. I’m renting and have 2 children, 11 and 14. People have told me it’s possible and I’d get financial support I’m wary.

    Anyone done this and have any advice. I’m almost 42 and would rather be able to focus my full attention on completing my degree but I’m unsure I can afford to do it.

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    *deleted user*

    From experience there are arguments either way, which may not be what you are wanting to hear, but I would say:

    It is usually possible to switch from full time to part time and indeed you may need to do this anyway. On the Uni course I did most were parents, fifty per cent single parents and due to circumstances with their kids some had to change to part time – because they needed to be there for their kids when they were ill etc. Obviously the Covid situation may make this more complicated.

    It is difficult to budget in that situation – because I think if you switch to part time you no longer get full time finance.

    So there is an argument for having a ‘side hustle’ as it were and at least having another source of income, as there may be many variables.

    One thing I would say is, once contact with your personal tutor is established – please remember that it is possible to get mitigating circumstances on assignments if your kids (or you) are ill. Okay not if your hamster has died (although no doubt that would be sad!) – my DD broke her arm playing football and for a couple of weeks I had to look after her as there was no one else!

    Try to be transparent about your circumstances. Of course it may be possible to get another online job instead of in person work.

    good luck


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    I studied part time and worked part time so for me any income was better than no income.

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    Hi @Eunicorn80, Here is some information on our website you may find useful: Finances for single parent students – Gingerbread

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