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    I am currently living with a friend as the father did not want the baby or us living there. I’ve applied for universal credit/ have Mat leave pay ready to go and am beginning to look for flats for us. I want to get it sorted before baby is born because it’s no an appropriate place for a child at my friends. Will I be up against a fight with landlords because I am “claiming benefits”. All will be covered once added to child maintenance. Do I have to declare my situation? I’m so confused and worried I will get turned down. Have applied for housing but heard nothing yet. I would much prefer to be close to my friends and network as it is a very difficult time for me. Any advice/ reassurance would be great. Thanks, Katie.

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    Hi Kate when you look for somewhere  to live either  through agency or advert the landlord will specify private working tenants or DSS . Some don’t take people who are entitled to housing benefits. It will take time to find somewhere so good luck . I don’t rent but know from experience people who have rented are up against others in the same boat and landlord didn’t want them because they had young Children too.

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    Thanks Sherima,

    Going to look at a place today. Citizens advice have said I cannot be discriminated against if I have proof of ability to pay so hopefully all will be okay. Katie

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    Hi Katykins123

    Its good to see you chatting with other members of the forum but don’t forget that you can also call our single parent helpline for advice.  They should be able to help you explore your options.  They can get very busy so please expect to wait a while before they get to your call.  Hope that helps, Justine


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    hi. I was in the same situation. Did you manage to find a place?

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    Hi Katie,

    What was the outcome of the viewing?

    There are many factors involved in your situation that could mean that you are eligible for support. Age, family situation, financial situation/total income, health, etc..

    It is extremely difficult to obtain property from a private agency/landlord when you are claiming any form of benefits. Most agencies would ask for a guarantor and more than one months rent upfront, this varies from agency to agency. Although many claims have been made that individuals will not be discriminated against due to receiving benefits, this is not statistically true, with more families in the private sector being forced into homelessness at its record high. You are right by saying that you do not have to declare that you will be claiming but it can rarely be bypassed with the excessive process.

    Every borough works differently however, your local council usually have a list of landlords in your area who accept individuals that claim universal credit or other means-tested benefits. It may be helpful to ask them for this and explore all of those avenues. It is going to take plenty of searching and hard work. Keep searching online and do not give up is what I say. Where there is a will there is a way.

    I know that you may be feeling uncertain and sometimes you may just want to give up but please do not. Just to give you a little hope…

    I personally had to leave my secure property. I walked straight into an uninhabitable home for nearly a year before I finally got out. It nearly cost me my sanity. I directly contacted between 100-150 different agencies and landlords that I found independently and exhausted every list I could get my hands on. I thought that it was a never-ending situation. I am now in a beautiful home, settled with my two boys feeling much calmer and happier. Positive thinking is helpful. Please try to use some relaxation techniques regularly and maybe ask your friends and network to assist you where possible to help ease the strain.

    There are risk factors involved that may cause prenatal or postnatal depression. PLEASE take some time to put these stresses out of your mind a couple of times a day.  It is very important that you take care of YOU.

    To find your local council    ……

    Relaxation  ……..

    Keep us updated. I really hope you achieve the best possible outcome.

    Best Wishes





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    6 months on! I have a flat, with a lovey landlord. A beautiful baby boy and freeeeeeedom!! I am so happy I made the choice to leave. We are doing really well, thank you everyone for your advice and I am so happy it all worked out so positive.

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