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    <span style=”text-align: right;”>Hi, I am new to this website but I have a quick question that I would like to hear from what others think about of what I should do. I am recently pregnant, but my ex left me for his other babymama that he been on and off with for like 10 years. So when we found out that I was pregnant I was like 2 weeks at the time he was all excited about it and planned out how we was gone do this and that ,but a week later everything changed he was like go  get an abortion or do anything in my power to get rid of it because he wanted to be back with the other girl. So I’m the type I don’t believe in abortions so I kept my baby and told him that he don’t have to be in the baby life I got this I’m not holding him hostage. He already have two kids by the other girl and say he just want his family back without no ties between me and him. So now I’m 6 months pregnant and still going through the pain when about a month ago he calls saying that he wants to be in the child life and that his baby mama accepts the baby but in my head I’m like ain’t y’all the ones who stressed me out for mouths like they really tried to keep me under stress to the max with harassments phone calls after phone calls, so I’m stuck in a place of just don’t know what to think or do and when the baby gets here I know it’s gone be a worse situation. So what do y’all think I should do? </span>

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    look after yourself and the baby. My partner has a 5 years old with me, and asked for another baby, and he left the moment I got pregnant. Couldn’t do an abortion. I am currently 37 weeks pregnant., and just learned he had a parallel family.

    What can we do? Take every day the way it comes, try to make it good, love yourself, try not to think of them.

    And search support: family, friends, neighbours, anyone trustworthy. We will need support.  I don’t have any, I am alone in UK. Try and find support!

    Thinking of you and baby

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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